Thermal Forecasts for Gliders.

  • For paragliders, hang gliders and rigid wings
  • 289 Regions across Europe
  • Forecasts for 5 days
  • Optimized for mobile and desktop
  • High resolution ICON-D2 forecasts

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What Pilots Say

Patrick von Känel

"XC Therm really is a huge enrich­ment for me. Every­thing you need, but not too comp­li­cated. The per­fect tool for plan­ning the week - when and where to fly."

Patrick von Känel

X-Alps Finisher, Swiss XC Champion
Christian Maurer

"I con­si­der XC Therm cur­rent­ly the most use­ful fore­cast for eva­lua­ting the flight poten­tial. Because the app works reli­ably, I am even more con­fi­dent that I will be at the right place at the right time during the next X-Alps!"

Chrigel Maurer

6x X-Alps Champion, 3x World Champion
Uli Strasser

"For a long time I have been look­ing for a pos­si­bi­l­i­ty to have a de­tailed and pre­cise but yet com­pact and af­ford­able thermal and flight weather forecast over several days on my mobile devices. XC Therm ful­fills all these re­quire­ments."

Uli Strasser

German XC Champion

Choose Your Regions

XC Therm offers forecasts for 289 different regions covering large areas of Europe. You can either choose to subscribe to some or all available regions.

After buying your subscription, you can choose freely from all available regions. If you are unsure how many regions you need, you can get an idea in our Demo or check the list below for some of the countries:

  • Switzerland: 23 regions
  • Austria: 28 regions
  • Germany: 72 regions
  • France: 89 regions
  • Northern Italy: 27 regions

Thermal Overview

The thermal overview shows the potential flight distance for each of the subscribed regions on the interactive map for 5 consecutive days starting from the current day.

The potential flight distance of a region is calculated with the help of these parameters:

  • Wind and climb values for that region
  • Aircraft (paraglider, hang glider, rigid wing)
  • Pilot skills (configurable)

The detailed forcast is displayed by tapping or clicking on that region.

Detailed Forecast

The detailed forecast for a region is available both as a chart and a text representation. In a 30-minute interval it informs about:

  • Expected climb rates
  • Cumulus clouds
  • Cloud cover (low, medium, high)
  • Wind at optimal flight level
  • Weather warnings (thunderstorms, rain, etc.)*

* currently only available in text representation

ICON-D2 Forecasts

The highly detailed weather forecasts of the ICON-D2 model are specifically tailored to the needs of gliders and offer the ideal basis for detailed planning of cross-country flights.

  • Wind maps for various altitudes
  • Cloud and precipitation forecast
  • Up to 45 hours in 2-km resolution (ICON-D2)
  • Up to 5 days in 7-km resolution (ICON-EU)

The ICON-D2 weather forecasts on XC Therm are free of charge and can also be used without a subscription.

Subscriptions and Pricing





The subscription for recreational pilots and flight schools that always fly close to their home.

  • 5 regions
  • 5 day forecast
  • 3 daily updates
  • 5 changes to regions

Credit card required



The subscription for ambitious cross country pilots who don't mind traveling for a few hours to reach the best flying spot.

  • 30 regions
  • 5 day forecast
  • 3 daily updates
  • 5 changes to regions

Credit card required



The subscription for international frequent flyers who always want to have the corresponding thermal forecast at hand.

  • All regions
  • 5 day forecast
  • 3 daily updates
  • Changes to regions

Credit card required